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Post ANCIPS Workshop

Post ANCIPS Workshop
Law Reforms, Policy and Mental Health

Wednesday, 19th January 2011
2:30 -  5:30 PM
The Ashok Hotel, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi


To sensitize participants about the Draft Mental Health Care Act and the Working Draft
of the New PWD Act (Draft) and leading to recommendations.
Session 1: 
90 minutes
Chair: Dr.  M. Thirunavukarasu and Dr. Neelam K. Bohra
Mental Health Legislation Scenario: Current Issues and Concerns
Speaker: Dr .A.K. Kala                                                                                           20 minutes  
Draft Mental Health Care Act
Speaker: Dr. Soumitra Pathare                                                                           30 minutes
Working Draft of the New PWD Act as Related to Mental Health
Speaker: Dr. C.L. Narayan                                                                                   20 minutes
Developing a National Mental Health Policy
Speaker: Dr. Sunil  Mittal                                                                                      20 minutes
Session 2:
30 minutes
Open House:   Feedback and Discussion
Moderators: Dr. Sarvesh Chandra and Dr. Alok Sarin
Session 3:     
30 minutes
Panel Discussion: Legal Experts: Mr. K.C. Mittal, Advocate and Others
Dr. Rajesh Nagpal 
Session 4:
30 minutes
Joining the dots……
Sumit Phatela                                                                                                    
     10 minutes
  Wrap up and Recommendations: 
Dr. Alok Sarin, Dr. Rajesh Nagpal, Dr. Sunil   Mittal
Reporters: Sumit Phatela, Pranav Mittal



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